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Marilyn Monroe, This extremely rare book is from Marilyn Monroe's personal library and is from the ONE AND ONLY Marilyn Monroe Estate Auction at Christie's Oct. 27, 1999. Never before and never again will there be such a sale!

The auction was by invitation only and tickets for the sale were selling for as high as $5000 on eBay! This was certainly the sale of the Century! After she died her items went to Lee Strasberg due to the fact that she did not have any children. Her items were locked away in a time capsule for 37 years; until this sale! 

The following will give you an idea of some of the prices people paid to be a part of Marilyn Monroe history:

· The "Happy birthday Mr. President dress" $1,267,500.00
· Her ring $772,500.00
· Her Piano $662,500.00, sold to Mariah Carey.
· Her make-up case $266,500.00
· Snapshots of her dog $222,500.00
· Her Golden Globe Award $184,000.00
· Her scarlet dress $167,500.00
· Her Hand-knitted cardigan $167,000.00
· Many more items sold for over $100,000.00

The auction made over $13,000,000.00 on 557 lots. That averages $23,000 per item!

Please note that Marilyn Monroe only had around 400 books in her personal library and some of them sold for the following prices. The average price was around $5000 and up!

· Lot #9 The Holy Bible $37,950.00
· Lot #9a Prayer Book for Jewish Worship $46,000.00
· Lot #17 Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1952 $19,500.00
· Lot #46 John Huston, Frankie and Johnny $33,350.00
· Lot #500 Andrews, Lets Make Love $17,250.00
· Lot #505 $13,800.00
· Lot #511 $13,800.00
· Lot #513 $13,800.00
· Lot #519 $18,400.00
· Lot #522 $16,000.00
· Lot #523 Rombauer, Irma, New Joy of Cooking $29,900.00 · Etc, etc.

THIS BOOK CONTAINS A POSTHUMOUS BOOKPLATE IDENTIFYING IT AS COMING FROM MARILYN MONROE'S PERSONAL LIBRARY! THE BOOK ALSO HAS SOME LINES WRITTEN BY MONROE! We guarantee this book 100% authentic for life with a certificate of authenticity! Because we were at the sale and personally bought this item, we will give you a $100,000.00 guarantee that we personally bought this item at the sale!

This is book #70, from lot #547 in the Christie's catalog and is described in the catalog. This book is " Mischief " by Charlotte Armstrong, 1950. The Marilyn Monroe bookplate is inside the cover. It also comes with a Christie's bookmark which has the lot number, date, etc. The book is in great condition, the dust jacket has wear. Some of her books sold for over $30,000 each! Please let us know if you have any questions.

You can actually see the books we have in the photograph of Marilyn Monroe and her library! In the different photographs of her and her library you can see the books were moved around many times which is further proof that she would read and touch them. You will get a copy of the photographs of her with the book. The purchaser of this item will have the option to receive the Monroe auction catalog for our cost price.