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President Kennedy, Gift from Ambassador of Ireland. This extremely rare and unique item belonged to President John F. Kennedy and was kept at the White House in President Kennedy's private bathroom. What make this item extremely rare and desirable is the fact that it comes with a letter from the White House authenticating the piece. The letter is from Evelyn Lincoln Personal Secretary to President John F. Kennedy on White House stationery.

"This picture was taken on Sat, March 17, 1962 during the time the ambassador of Ireland, H.E. Thomas J. Kiernan called on President John F. Kennedy to present him with an arrangement of shamrocks... The ambassador also brought a gift from a member of his staff - a towel, made in Ireland with the map of Ireland on it. This towel, which you now have in your possession, after a thank you note was written, hung in Kennedy's private bathroom near the oval office for a brief time..."
You also will receive a copy of the photograph of President Kennedy while receiving the item from Ambassador Kiernan.

It is a well known fact that President Kennedy loved the ladies. He had two special Secret Service agents who were in charge of sneaking the ladies in and out of the White House. They would guard the bathroom while the President was inside with different ladies. This towel was kept inside his private bathroom. Wow, if this towel could only talk! Would we hear about Marilyn Monroe or the many other Monica Lewinsky type of women Kennedy had?

The size of this map/towel is 20" x 30" inches.