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Slave Auction Broadside,  This extremely rare and unique slave poster is truly one of a kind and very shocking. The poster is advertising "VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE", the sale of 100 acres of land and an actual human being, a little "NEGRO BOY NAMED JIM." The poster states: "I will also sell at the Court-house door, by virtue of a decree of said court, at the June Term, 1854, on Saturday the 1st of July, 1854, A NEGRO BOY NAMED JIM, about seven years old, belonging to the estate of said deceased. TERMS CASH."

Even though in today's world it would be unimaginable to separate a little boy from his parents and sell him here in the United States of America, this was common practice only a 140 years ago. Written on the verso in period ink is: "Negro boy sold to William Hutchison $450:00, Land sold to F.N.W. Burton for $850:00"